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Media research is an important part of a due diligence background investigation, with the potential to expose or provide details about events in a subject’s life, and shed light on a subject’s character. “Media” includes, but is not limited to: news, magazine or Internet articles, professional and personal affiliations and activities, and blog or discussion group entries.

The bio or CV as supplied by the subject is viewed as the his/her professional representation. The facts provided are compared and validated and best efforts are made to discern and highlight discrepancies during the research process.

Media results are categorized and arranged chronologically. A short summary is provided that highlight specific issues. In addition, if certain issues are complex, an analysis of their relevance may be provided.

Furthermore, clients may request an investigation of the firm/fund to be invested in in addition to the managers, because at times potential issues arise that do not specifically mention the managers by name. If a potential issue is uncovered, the issue is minimally characterized and the client notified. It is the client's responsibility to request follow-up research.